How to Convert Audio to Text on a Computer

By Gary Fish

Audio to text conversion on a computer is a useful tool for professional applications as well as audio books, hearing impaired individuals and transcribing text for website content. There are several software packages available that once trained to the user's speech can convert audio to text on the computer. Most software packages require an in depth training period where the user practices voice commands so the speech can be easily interpreted and converted. Audio to text conversion can save time and money for business professionals transcribing emails, memos and speeches.

Audio to Text Conversion

Step 1

Dogs barking and noisy background conversations are common ambient noise interruptions.

Purchase a high quality microphone for audio clarity. Capturing a quality audio is a key element to ensure accuracy with the voice recognition software. Some microphones have noise cancelling capabilities that help block out sounds that can interfere with the voice recording. Having accurate voice recognition will keep manual editing after the conversion to a minimum.

Step 2

There are freeware, shareware and total license software packages available for audio to text conversion.

Find the right software for your audio conversion project. There are several software packages available on the market that will convert audio to text on a computer. One of the most widely used packages is Dragon Naturally Speaking, which require the user to train the voice recognition program to their own voice tones.

Step 3

The hearing impaired community is the largest user base of audio to text conversion products.

Obtain audio to be used for conversion. An audio can be recorded and then converted through the appropriate software for use in web pages, emails and word processor programs. Search engines use text converted audio recordings to place a site in it's search results.

Step 4

Spellcheck is a useful tool to ensure quality text documents.

Manually edit the text conversion for errors in accuracy. Even taking every precaution to assure accuracy, there may be times when it is necessary to go to the text document and make changes to any discrepancies.

Use office staff more efficiently by transcribing your own letters and speeches.

Save and publish your converted text document. Audio to text conversion applications can help efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Conversions can be used for office memos, emails and letters or documents. Audio to text conversions can also aid in multitasking which will also increase productivity.