How to Convert Audio MP3 to MPG

By Amanda Kondolojy

Convert your MP3 to MPG files easily with video conversion software.
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The MP3 audio format is the near-universal standard when it comes to digital audio. However, sometimes you are presented with a situation where you cannot play MP3 files. The MPG format is a good alternative to the MP3 format if you are in a situation where you cannot play normal audio files. The MPG format is a standard video format, but it can also be used to play back audio.

Import your MP3 into a video conversion program. If you do not have a conversion program and are a Windows user, you can download Windows Movie Maker for free from Microsoft. See the Resource section for a link. If you are a Mac OS user, you should be able to use iMovie, which comes pre-installed on your computer.

Import the MP3 file using the "Add Music" function. You can browse for the file, and then select it and press "OK." An audio track will appear on your video timeline.

Select "Save Movie" or "Finish Movie." Find the file type option from the pop-up menu and select "MPEG." If you see multiple MPEG options (such as MPEG-2), you can pick whichever one fits your quality needs, as they will all end with the "MPG" file extension. Once you have selected the file type, click "OK" or "Finish." Once the video exports, you will have an MPG version of your MP3.