How to Convert Audio Files From AAC to MP3 on a Mac

by Andrew Smith

Advanced Audio Coding, or AAC, audio format is the default audio format used on iPods and in iTunes. These files are smaller than MP3 files but they retain the quality of MP3s. Unfortunately, AAC files will not play on an MP3 player that is not an iPod and they are not compatible with MP3 CD players. While not all audio converters are compatible with Mac computers, there is a very common Mac audio program that will allow you to turn AAC files to MP3 for free.


Open iTunes.


Select "Edit." Click "Preferences" and a window will appear.


Choose "Import Settings" to open a second window.


Click on the "Import Using" drop box that is inside the second window. Select "MP3 Encoder." After you've done this, click "OK" to close the small window and then repeat this step to close the Preferences window.


Choose "Music" in the top left corner of iTunes.


Open the album with the AAC files you're converting. Highlight every AAC file you're converting.


Click "Advanced." Choose "Create MP3 Version." The MP3 audio files will be added to the iTunes folder.

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