How to Convert an Audio File to Video Format

By Mitchell White

It can be useful to turn an audio file into a video file when you want to upload music to a website that only takes video files, such as Youtube. By adding a picture to a song, you can create a file in video format that you should be able to upload to your streaming video website. You can use the native software program Windows Movie Maker to get this done.

Open Windows Movie Maker.

Go to the "File" menu and select "Import into Collections." A browse window will appear. Double-click on your audio file to add it to the "Collections" box. Repeat the process with a picture file to add a picture to the box as well.

Click on your MP3 file in the collections box and drag it down to where it says "Audio." Drag your picture down to where it says "Video."

Click on the "File" menu and save your new video.