How to Convert Asx to MP4 for Mac

By Hollan Johnson

ASX is a Microsoft ASF Redirector File format. It does not contain any actual information besides the location of an ASF movie files. ASX files are handy and can be used in URLs to find the location of the actual movie file. An MP4 is a video file that contains MPEG-4 compression, which utilizes separate compression for the audio and video portions of the file. MP4 files are used for file sharing on the Internet. With a Mac you can find and convert ASX files to MP4 with QuickTime Pro and the Flip4Mac plug-in that allows QuickTime to play ASX and ASF files.

Step 1

Download Flip4Mac for QuickTime from the Microsoft website. Click on the "Flip4Mac WMV" file that mounts on your Desktop and then click "Continue." Agree to the terms of service by clicking "Agree" and select the hard drive you want to install Flip4Mac on. It should be the same hard drive on which QuickTime Pro is installed. Input the administrator's password and click "Install."

Step 2

Open QuickTime Pro on your Mac. It is in the Dock or the Applications folder.

Step 3

Select "Open URL" from the File menu and input the location of the ASX file.

Step 4

Select "Save As" from the File menu and click the "Save as Self Contained Movie" box. Click "Save." The file will save as an ASF file.

Step 5

Click "Open File" in the File menu and select the ASF file on your Mac. Click "Open."

Step 6

Select "Export" from the File menu. Select "Movie to MPEG-4" and click "Save."