How to Convert AMR Files to WAV

by Alexis Lawrence

Adaptive multi-rate (AMR) files are audio files common in 3G mobile phones. They are designed to compress the sound of the human voice while retaining quality, and are therefore perfect for phone messages. Since AMR files are made for cell phones, not many computer-based media players have the ability to read the files. To make an AMR file compatible with your computer system, convert it into a more widely recognized file type like WAV.

Go to the Media-Convert website (see Resources). This free online site has can convert many different file types, including AMR to WAV.

Add the AMR file you want to convert. Click on the "Browse" button next to "File." A search window will come up. Find the file on your hard drive, and click "Open." Media-Convert automatically detects the file type and populates the "Input Format" section for you.

Choose WAV as the output format. It is listed in the "Output Format" drop-down menu as "WAVE form audio format (.wav)."

Media-Convert will automatically name the WAV file with the same name as the original AMR file. If you want to name it something else, click in the box next to "Rename File to," which appears under "Advanced Settings," and type in the name.

Accept the terms of use. There is no convert button in Media-Convert, so to begin the process, click "OK" next to "I accept the terms." The conversion will be monitored in a box on the screen. The time will depend on the size of the file, but it should take no more than a few minutes for a simple audio conversion. When the conversion has finished, the screen will say, "File successfully converted," and there will be a link to download the WAV file. Click the download link, and when the download pop-up window comes up, hit "OK" to save the WAV file to the computer.


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