How to Convert Adobe Acrobat Documents to .Jpg

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Adobe Systems' Acrobat program family allows you to design, create and edit portable document format files (PDFs) that can be read across many types of personal computers without requiring operating system-specific tweaking or formatting. PDF files are useful when you want to ensure that the information you present maintains a fixed layout. You can also use the Acrobat Professional or Standard versions or an online conversion utility to easily convert PDF files into JPEG (".jpg") images. When you convert a PDF file into JPG format, the pages of the PDF are saved as JPG image files, which can then be manipulated with standard JPG image processing applications.

Adobe Acrobat Professional JPG Conversion

Step 1

Open the PDF you want to convert in either Acrobat Professional or Standard.

Step 2

Select "Save As ...' from the File menu and choose "JPEG" as the file type. Note that ".jpg" is part of the format selection for this file type.

Use the navigator fields to decide where you want to save your conversion and then click "Save" to automatically convert your PDF file pages into JPEG format.

Online JPG Conversion

Step 1

Connect to the Internet, open a browser and navigate to (link is under Resources below).

Step 2

Enter the PDF file location on your PC in the "Browse ..." form. Select the "jpg" format from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Enter your email address in the provided form so that you will receive notice when the converted file can be downloaded from the company's server.

Click "Convert" after you read the Terms of Use to perform the conversion.


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