How to Convert From Access to OpenOffice Base

By Christina Inge

Converting one database file to another is simple when the move is from Access to OpenOffice Base.
i laptop with database record on 15.4" wide screen image by .shock from

If you've received a database file created in Access, but you need to work on it in OpenOffice Base, you have a fairly standard problem--converting files from one program when you need them in another constitutes one of the most common office software issues. You will need to convert the Access file to a OpenOffice Base file to work on it.

Save the Access file to your desired location. Although you can convert the file and then save it, it's always best to save every file you're working with to a location on your computer or a flash drive as soon as possible.

Open Base. Click on "File>New>Database" and select "Connect to an Existing Database," specifying an Access database from the drop-down menu. The data from the Access file should open in Base. Many features of Access cannot be converted to Base, such as any already-created queries or macros you have written. But your data should all be there. Check the database you have just opened to be sure you are happy with the way it has converted, and make any necessary changes to field names, formatting or other aspects of the database. Create any queries you had in Access.

Save the file as a Base file to your preferred location.