How to Convert to the A4 Paper Size

By Anya Meave

Office documents can be converted to print on A4 paper.
i pile of paper sheets with paper-clips image by stassad from

The A4 paper size is measurement of paper with dimensions of 8.3 x 11.7 inches, and is used to print text and images in letters, catalogs and magazine. This paper size is a standard size for documents that is used around the world. Users can select text and images to print on this paper size by making adjustments in the program in which they have made documents. You can adjust printers to conform to this page size as well.

Open the document or image file that will be printed. Select "File," then "Open" in the toolbar menu of the program. Click on the document or image file in the "Open" window, then click "OK" once chosen.

Adjust the printer settings to print the document on A4 paper. Return to the "File" menu, then select "Page Setup" or "Printer Settings" from the menu list. Click on the "Properties" button in the "Page Setup" window to select the paper size.

Click on the "Page Size" drop-down menu in the "Page Setup" window, then select the A4 paper size from the list. Navigate to the "Page Layout" section of the window next, and select "Fit to Page" to ensure that the text conforms to the page size. Click "OK" at the bottom of the options window to accept the changes.

Move the slider at the top or bottom of the printer's paper feeder area to adjust to the A4 paper. This will permit the paper to fit securely in the printer and allow it print properly without jamming in the rollers. Insert the paper into the feeder upon adjusting.

Print the document or image on the paper by selecting "File," then "Print" from the program's toolbar menu. Enter the number of copies needed in the "Copies" box and select "OK' to print the document upon completion.