How to Convert 7Z to MP3

By Robert Schrader

Convert the contents of a file in 7-Zip or "7Z" format to MP3 to listen to a series of sound files someone has sent you in 7-Zip format. A software suite available as a free download online, 7-Zip allows you to compress a group of large files into a smaller package, which makes sending the files to others quicker and easier. After you receive a 7-Zip file, it's necessary to extract its contents to view them.

Step 1

Download and install 7Zip onto your computer if you haven't already done so. 7Zip is available free from the official 7Zip website, so don't click any third-party download link that requests payment in exchange for the file.

Step 2

Save the 7Zip file you want to open onto your computer's hard drive. Right-click on the file, then select "Extract" from the 7Zip submenu.

Step 3

Click the "..." icon, then choose a folder on your computer where you want the MP3 files to extract. Click "Extract," then wait until 7Zip informs you that the process is complete.

Step 4

Navigate to the folder where you extracted the 7Zip file. Click the folder that bears the same name as your 7Zip file, where the extracted MP3 files now exists. Double-click any file to open it in Windows Media Player or your default media player.