How to Convert a 4 X 6 Photo to Pixels

by Ava Fails
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Converting inches to pixels can be tricky without expensive graphics software. It is necessary to make conversions when preparing images for printing or use on the Internet. There are calculators available on the Internet that make this task quick and simple.

Step 1

Open your favorite Web browser and visit an image-to-pixels converting website such as or

Step 2

Type "4 inches" and "6 inches" in the appropriate fields. Four inches is the height of the image and six inches is the width.

Step 3

Type the dots per inch in the DPI field. The DPI is a setting that is designated through scanning software.

Click the "Update" button to view your result if the pixel field doesn't update automatically.


  • If you don't type in the DPI setting of your image, this will directly effect your result.

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