How to Convert 3DS to Solid in SolidWorks

By Daniel Ketchum

3DS Max and SolidWorks are both major 3-D applications. While 3DS Max is used primarily for entertainment purposes, producing content for videos and video games, SolidWorks is mainly a CAD application and is used to design machines and other structures. The two programs cannot directly exchange each other's files. However, if you want to get a model you have made in 3DS Max into SolidWorks, a workaround exists.

Step 1

Start the 3DS Max application. Select "File" from the menu and choose "Open." In the dialogue box that appears, locate and open the file you want to export to SolidWorks.

Step 2

Click on the "3DS Max" icon on the upper left and choose "Export." From the options, choose the standard "Export." In the dialogue box, name the file, change the "Save as Type" to "Wavefront OBJ" and click "Save."

Step 3

Start the SolidWorks application. Click on the "Open" icon at the top.

Step 4

In the dialogue box, choose OBJ as the "File Type." Browse to and open the file you exported out of 3DS Max.

Step 5

In the dialogue box that appears, click "Yes." If an error message appears, right-click on the model and choose "Repair Face." Save your work.