Conversation Mode in the Google Translate App

By Chad Davis

Toggle the Conversation Mode feature via the Settings menu.
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Mobile translation applications make it easier for you to communicate and conduct business with foreign countries. The Google Translate app enables you to translate phrases from one language to another on your mobile device. Conversation mode, a feature of Google Translate exclusive to Android devices, uses speech-to-speech translation and can play back the conversation as an audio clip. Carry on a natural conversation with someone speaking a different language using conversation mode via Google Translate for Android.

How to Use Conversation Mode

Open the "Translate" app. Tap the "Translate" drop-down menu at the top of the app and select "Conversation."

Tap the first language drop-down menu, and select a language. For example, tap "English" if you want to select English as one of the languages for translation.

Tap the second language drop-down menu and tap the name of the second language you want to use for translation.

Tap one of the languages from the bottom of the screen to open Google's speech input dialog for conversation mode.

Speak a word or phrase into the speech dialog. Pausing your speech will complete the voice input. The phrase you spoke will appear as text from the spoken language listed below the translated language.

Tap the "Send" icon to have Google Translate speak the translated phrase aloud.

How to Change Your Google Translate Conversation Mode Settings

Open the "Translate" app on your Android device. Tap the "Menu" button on your device, then "Settings."

Tap "Voice Input Settings" to open the language settings for Google Translate. Tap a language name, and then tap a language with the specific region you wish to use. For example, tap "Spanish (Mexico)."

Tap the "Back" button to return to the Settings screen.

Check the box next to "Conversation Mode" to toggle the confirmation feature in conversation mode. Checking this box will require that you approve the speech recognition text before the translated text is spoken aloud by Google Translate.


Increase translation accuracy by speaking phonetically and confirming your input when using conversation mode.


Google Translate may not be completely accurate and some contextual meaning may be lost in translation.