How to Go Into Convergence Adjustment in a Sony Rear Projection

By Andrew McClain

Convergence is related to the earth's magnetic field.
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Sony rear projection televisions use three bulbs -- one red, one green and one blue -- to project the picture. When you first turn on the television or notice the image is out alignment, you need to adjust the convergence of the bulbs. When the bulbs converge properly, the colors will form a coherent picture. On some models, you can use the Flash Focus mode to automatically adjust the bulbs. Other models require manual adjustment.

Automatic Adjustment

Step 1

Turn on your television.

Step 2

Go to any channel with programming on it.

Step 3

Press "Flash Focus" on the remote control. Several crosses will appear on the screen. They will slowly align. Do not change the channel or press any buttons during this operation. When the bulbs finish aligning, the television will return to normal operation.

Manual Adjustment

Step 1

Press "Menu" on the remote control, and use the arrow buttons to highlight "Set Up." Press "Return" to open the Set Up menu.

Step 2

Position the cursor over "Convergence," and press "Return."

Step 3

Use the arrow buttons to select one of the convergence lines, and then press "Return" to select it. Options are the red and blue horizontal and vertical lines.

Step 4

Press the arrow buttons to move the selected line toward the green center line along the same axis. The up arrow moves the line up or to the right, depending on the line axis. The down arrow moves the line down or to the left, depending on the line axis. Repeat for each line until they converge and the lines appear as a white cross.

Step 5

Press "Menu" to save the convergence settings and return to the main menu screen.