How to Control the Cursor on a Laptop

By Tiffany Garden

A laptop's touchpad takes the place of a computer mouse.
i touchpad image by Wolszczak from

Laptop cursor control is typically handled by a touchpad or a touchpad/nub combination. The touchpad is used as a mouse and allows you to interact with your computer. If you are used to a computer mouse on your desktop, getting used to the laptop's touchpad will take some time.

Slide your fingers lightly above the touchpad. The mouse cursor on your laptop screen should mirror the movements of your fingers.

Lift your fingers up and put them on the starting side of the touchpad if you run out of touchpad before you reach the other side of the screen.

Test the advanced features of your touchpad. Most touchpads allow you to click using the touchpad, instead of the side buttons, by single or double tapping on the touchpad. Other touchpads are designed for multi-touch capabilities. Multi-touch features perform different actions based on the motions you make and how many fingers you have on the touchpad.