How to Contact a Facebook Member Without an Account

By William McCoy

Get a Facebook-using friend to help you contact someone on Facebook.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

While social networking website Facebook gives you the opportunity to connect with people you may have once known, you can't easily do so without an account. Registering for a Facebook account and searching for past friends is the best way of contacting other Facebook users. If you'd rather not create an account or are unable to do so, you can reach out to others through the help of a friend who uses Facebook.

Ask your friends if any of them have Facebook accounts. Because of the millions of people using the site, it's likely that at least one of your acquaintances is on Facebook.

Arrange a time at which you can meet your friend to use Facebook together. Have your friend log into his account, and then allow you to search for people you wish to contact.

Send a Facebook member a private message from your friend's account, making sure to write your name in the subject line so it catches the user's eye. To show you're not spamming the user, identify yourself immediately in the message. You could say, for example, "Hi, Dave. It's me, Bob Jones, from elementary school. I don't have Facebook, but I'm writing from a friend's account."

Write your email address in the message to the Facebook user, requesting that he get in touch with you through email.

Ask the friend who helped you get onto Facebook to let you know if your past friend contacts him instead of contacting you at your email address.