Connecting the Internet Through a Satellite Dish

By Jack Gerard

With the advent of broadband Internet, new technologies have allowed Internet users to access favorite websites at greater speeds. Unfortunately, most broadband Internet required access to cable television lines or specialized connections from a telephone company; this meant that those who lived in rural areas or who had unreliable telephone or cable companies in their area were unable to receive broadband connections. Satellite Internet connections changed this, allowing anyone with a clear southern view to have high-speed Internet access with no specialized wiring or cable required.


With the introduction of satellite internet as a new option, individuals who do not have cable or telephone lines to their house are able to enjoy a high-speed broadband connection. Even for those who would otherwise be able to access cable Internet or DSL, satellite Internet service provides another option so that you can shop around and make an informed decision about which type of connection best meets your needs and budget.


A satellite Internet connection allows individuals access to a broadband Internet connection through a small satellite dish that is mounted on the roof or another static object on property. Data signals are transmitted to and received from a satellite in orbit in much the same way that satellite television operates, letting the computer user browse the Internet at high speeds even if you don't have a DSL-capable telephone line or cable television service running to your house or apartment.


A satellite Internet connection transmits data signals almost instantly, allowing you to access the Internet at speeds much faster than you could achieve with a dial-up connection. The only wiring required for a satellite connection is the wiring that runs from the satellite dish to the modem inside; your computer or network will then be connected to the modem either by ethernet cables or through a wireless Internet connection.


Satellite Internet subscribers have a constant connection to the Internet that can't be interrupted by downed wires or internal problems at the phone or cable company. Depending on where you live and the connection package that you have, you may be able to get a faster Internet connection than you would have access to if using cable Internet or DSL. Since you don't have to have any specific type of wires connected to your home, you can access a satellite Internet connection even if you live in an area which isn't serviced by a cable company and in which DSL service is not yet offered.


Before signing up for satellite Internet service, make sure that you have an unobstructed southern view, as this is necessary for a solid Internet connection through a satellite dish. Depending on the severity of obstructions to the south you may not be able to get the service at all since your dish won't be able to pick up signals from the satellite. Realize also that satellite signals can be interrupted by heavy rains, and you may receive interference or a complete loss of a signal during storms.