How to Connect a Zune to a PC

by Dakota Wright

Connecting your Zune to a computer is as simple as connecting most other devices through USB. Even after you have connected the device properly, you may experience instability. Plugging and unplugging the device rarely fixes the problem. Like your PC, the Zune requires firmware updates for stability. It is possible that a connection problem stems from update failure rather than user error.

Step 1

Power down the Zune using the manufacturers instructions. Do not simply put the Zune into "Stand By" mode as this does not turn off the power to the Zune.

Step 2

Connect one end of the USB 2.0 data cable to your Zune. Connect the other end of the data cable to a USB port on your computer. Use a dedicated USB port for the connection when one is available to avoid instability in the device.

Step 3

Power up your Zune device using your model's instructions. Zune models differ in how they can be turned on and off.

Step 4

Double-click the Zune software icon located on your desktop. Opening the Zune software will allow the device to connect to your computer. Without the software running the Zune will seem unresponsive and display the "Connect Zune to your PC" error message infinitely.

Update your Zune using the latest firmware from Microsoft when the device will not connect to your PC. The "Connect Zune to your PC" error message may be an indication that the Zune has entered a recovery mode due to error. Simply connect the device to a PC that has the current version of Zune software installed and updated. Update your Zune firmware using the instructions and version supplied in the Resources section.


  • Never try to remove the Zune battery for a hard reset. The battery isn't removable and you will break the Zune.
  • Do not use a third party power adapter for charging. The third-party charging adapters may damage the Zune.
  • Do not disconnect a Zune that is updating.


  • Update your Zune using the software that came with the device. Updating through software that is not specific to your Zune will cause instability.
  • Fully charge your Zune each time it is connected for charging.


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