How to Connect Yahoo! Mail to an Android Smartphone

By Michael Koyan

The Yahoo! Mail app allows you to easily access email from your Android smartphone.
i Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Yahoo! offers Android smartphone users an application to connect their Yahoo! email accounts to their Android device. With the Yahoo! Mail app, you can access multiple Yahoo! email accounts, send and receive attachments, preview photos, and receive push notifications of new email messages. Additionally, you can synchronize your Yahoo! email contacts with your Android smartphone's contacts. The app also offers enhanced integration with Yahoo! Messenger, allowing you to view your friends' IM status. Yahoo! Mail is available in the Android Market as a free download.

Access the Android Market on your Android smartphone via the market icon. The market icon resembles a shopping bag with the Android logo on the side. You can find this icon in the app drawer or on any home screen on which you have placed a shortcut.

Press your smartphone's search button to search the Android Market. The search button is typically designated by a magnifying glass. A search box will appear at the top of the screen.

Enter "Yahoo! Mail" into the search box and press the magnifying glass icon next to it.

Choose the Yahoo! Mail app from the list of search results. You will be taken to the application's home page, displaying information and user reviews.

Select "Install" from the upper-right corner of the Yahoo! Mail page. Your phone will proceed to download the application.

Open the Yahoo! Mail app via the icon in your phone's app drawer and enter your Yahoo! email account information when you are prompted. You will now have full access to your email account and receive notifications on your Android smartphone.