How to Connect a Wireless Spy Camera to WiFi

By Jacob Stover

Wireless spy cameras come in a number of shapes and sizes.
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There are plenty of reasons today to desire an extra level of security and control. If you're looking for a relatively cheap and easy way to have an extra level of surveillance over important areas in your life, then a wireless spy camera may suit your needs. These devices come in a number of shapes and sizes, and feature various ways of connecting to your wireless internet connection. Some devices can be connected directly to your computer's USB port, requiring no external power or configuration. Other models function independently, and must be correctly configured to connect your network and stream data. Depending on what kind of camera you decide on, the process should not take more than a few minutes to learn and complete.

Step 1

Select and purchase an appropriate camera device for your needs. If you are having trouble finding a wireless spy camera, check the links on the resources section of the article.

Step 2

Remove your device from its packaging, take care to ensure that no small pieces are lost. If your device requires external power, install the proper batteries into the device.

Step 3

Complete the device set-up, and determine an appropriate location for the placement of the camera. If you will be using the camera as theft deterrent, you'll want a wide-angle view of the affected location. If you wish to use it as a baby monitor instead, you would want to have a more tight angle on the baby's crib or play area.

Step 4

Mount or situate the camera in your desired location, and power it up if necessary. If the device came with software for your computer, install the software to your local hard drive.

Step 5

Open the associated software for your camera, or attempt to directly access your camera using the correct protocol as dictated by your device's documentation. If your device does not connect directly to your computer, you'll want to ensure that your camera is able to connect with your wireless network. On older devices, this may require you to enter your router's settings menu and add your device manually to the network. On most newer wireless cameras, there is no need to enter your router menu at all, and you can simply configure the device directly from your computer using the included software.

Step 6

Save all configuration settings. If you do not feel you have a clear enough view of the desired area, make sure that this is not the result of software settings before deciding to remount the camera entirely. For more information about your device and proper set-up techniques, check with your included documentation, or on the manufacturer's website.