How to Connect a Wireless Printer to a Desktop Computer

By Jennifer Long

Connecting a wireless printer to a desktop allows you to print from another room.
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Wireless printers allow you to print documents from any computer in your network. When you have more than one computer in your home, this ability keeps you from having to purchase separate printers for each computer. You can connect a printer to a desktop computer and have printing capabilities even if your printer is located on the other side of the house. If you don't have a wireless network already set up, you'll need to set one up first.

Setting Up a Wireless Network (Optional)

Plug in the router's power cord. Connect your modem and router together as directed in the router manufacturer's instructions.

Install the wireless network adapter on your desktop, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Click "Start" from the task bar, and then click "Control Panel."

Select "Network and Internet" from the options. Click "Network and Sharing Center."

Select "Set up a connection or network" from the left side. Choose "Set up a wireless router or access point," and click the "Next" button to start the Network Wizard. Follow the wizard's instructions to finish setup.

Connect the Wireless Printer

Click "Start" from the task bar, and then click "Control Panel."

Click "Hardware and Sound," and choose "Printers."

Click "Add a Printer" at the top of the window.

Select "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer," and choose the printer you want to add from available printers listed.

Install the printer drivers from the printer's installation CD when prompted. Follow the instructions provided by the Add Printer Wizard, and click "Finish" to close the wizard when completed.