How to Connect a Wireless Keyboard to a Gateway Computer

By Emily McNair

i Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Wireless peripheral devices such as mice and keyboards are a growing trend in the computer industry. Wireless devices eliminate the extra cords that can get tangled and limit movement and mobility. Gateway computers are compatible with wireless devices and even manufacture their own wireless keyboards and mice. Wireless keyboards are easy to install and are compatible with numerous operating systems and machines.

How to Install and Connect a Wireless Keyboard to a Gateway Computer

Step 1

Purchase a Gateway wireless keyboard and ensure that the software that accompanies it is compatible with your current operating system.

Step 2

Install the software CD that came with your keyboard onto your computer. Follow the guided steps in the installation wizard to properly configure the installation to your system.

Step 3

Plug the receiver that came with your keyboard into a free USB port on your computer. This receiver acts as the invisible link between the keyboard and the system, eliminating the need for a physical wire. For best results, plug the receiver into a USB port on the front of your system.

Step 4

Install the batteries into your keyboard. Generally, wireless devices require between two and four AA batteries for use.

Step 5

Turn on your keyboard. On your computer screen, an informational bubble should pop up indicating that new hardware devices have been found. Once the message reads that all devices have been installed properly and are working correctly, you can begin to use your keyboard.