How to Connect the Wi-Fi on a Canon MX860 (12 Steps)

By Ruri Ranbe

i Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

To communicate with the Canon Pixma MX860 over a Wi-Fi connection, you must provide the Canon Pixma with the information it needs to sign on to your wireless network, then install the device driver for the printer to your computer. Unlike many other wireless printers, you don't connect the Canon to your network using its control panel. Instead, you run the installation software on your PC and select the appropriate hot spot from within the setup wizard.

Step 1

Disconnect the printer from your computer, if applicable, and then press the "Menu" button on the control panel.

Step 2

Use the directional pad to select "Settings" and then push "OK" to confirm. Scroll to "Device Settings" and then push "OK."

Step 3

Choose "LAN Settings" from the options and then push "OK." Highlight "Change Wireless/Wired" and then push "OK."

Step 4

Select "Wireless LAN Active" and then push "OK" to turn on the wireless adapter. Turn off the printer and then connect the device to your PC.

Step 5

Download MP Driver for Network from the Canon website (link in Resources). Launch the executable when the download completes.

Step 6

Follow the onscreen instructions until you reach the Select the Printer Connection Method screen.

Step 7

Choose "Use the Printer on Network" from the options and then click "Next." Review the license agreement and then click "Yes" to proceed.

Step 8

Select "Connect Printer to the Network for the First Time" as the setup method and then click "Next."

Step 9

Turn on the printer and then click "Next" when the Setup Preparations wizard appears onscreen.

Step 10

Choose your wireless network from the list and then enter your network key, if applicable, into the appropriate field.

Step 11

Click "Connect" to sign on to the specified network and then click "Next." Turn off the printer and disconnect it from your computer.

Step 12

Move the MX860 to the preferred location and then return to your PC. Click "Next" to see the connection performance for your printer and then click "Finish."