How to Connect a Walkman to Speakers

By James Clark

i computer speakers image by sarit saliman from

The Sony Walkman personal audio device comes with headphones for private enjoyment of music and audio recordings. This is fine for on-the-go listening, but sometimes the user may want to enjoy tunes without headphones or at a higher volume. This is where external speakers come into play. A pair of self-powered speakers can be connected in seconds to the Sony Walkman for listening on a desktop. The speakers must contain their own amplifier, since the Walkman's amp is only powerful enough to drive headphones. Computer speakers are ideal for this connection.

Step 1

Set up the external speakers on a desktop or other level surface with the Walkman between them for best stereo separation of the audio sound.

Step 2

Connect the cable from the back of the left speaker to the "Audio OUT" jack on the back of the right speaker.

Step 3

Connect the cable from the back of the right speaker to the headphones jack on the Sony Walkman.

Step 4

Plug the DC power cable into the jack on the back of the right speaker and connect the plug on the other end to a wall outlet.

Step 5

Play an audio track on the Walkman.

Step 6

Switch on the speakers by turning the volume control knob clockwise, adjusting the sound to the desired level.