How to Connect a USB MTP

by Tiffany Garden

Media Transfer Protocol, or MTP, is a data transfer protocol made specifically for transferring audio and media files on personal audio devices such as MP3 players. These devices connect to your computer using a mini-USB cable. Unlike other USB devices, once connected with a USB cable, an MTP device does not appear in your computer's drive list as a mass storage device, so you need syncing or third-party software to transfer files to it.

Attach your MTP device's USB transfer cable to the device.

Connect the other end of this cable to a USB port on your computer.

Turn on your device if you haven't powered it up already.

Open the data transfer software included with your MTP device. You cannot save directly on this device through a drive letter, so you need to use the software included with the drive, or similar third-party software. Disconnect the MTP device once you have finished the transfer.

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