How to Connect Two Xbox 360 Consoles

by Heather Marlman
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Connect two or more Xbox 360 game consoles for multiplayer gaming ability. Both wired and wireless options are available for connecting Xbox 360 game consoles. With the wired option, users can connect up to 16 Xbox 360 consoles using a network; the wireless option allows connection of up to four consoles.

Wired Connection

Step 1

Power off the Xbox 360 consoles. Connect one end of the system link or Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port located on the back of one Xbox 360 console. Connect the other end of the cable to the Ethernet port located on the other Xbox 360 console. When connecting more than two Xbox 360 consoles, use one cable for each console. Plug one end of the cable into the Ethernet port on the console and plug the other end of the cable into a network adapter.

Step 2

Connect each Xbox 360 console to a television or display monitor using the display cables.

Step 3

Power on the Xbox 360 consoles and insert a multiplayer game disc into each unit.

Follow the instructions onscreen for game play.

Wireless Connection

Step 1

Attach a wireless adapter to the Xbox 360 consoles you want to connect with the units powered off.

Step 2

Turn on the Xbox 360 consoles and go to "My Xbox" on each of the units. Select "Network Settings." Choose "Advanced Settings" from the Available Networks screen. Create an ad-hoc network. Name the network and choose "Done."

Step 3

Select "Scan for Networks." Select the network that was created in the previous step.

Insert a game disc into each unit and follow the instructions onscreen for multiplayer gaming.


  • Each Xbox 360 console connected must be running the same game and version to have system link capability.
  • Check the back of Xbox 360 games for multiplayer capability as well as the number of players the game will support.
  • Xbox 360 consoles don't have to be same generation to connect. Users can connect original Xbox 360 consoles to Xbox 360 S consoles for multiplayer gaming.


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