How to Connect Two Mac Computers

By Jack Gerard

Mac computers can be connected using standard Ethernet cables.
i ethernet cable 4 image by BlueMiniu from

When most people think of computer networking, perhaps they envision networks created using Windows-based PC's. Though there are a number of differences between Mac computers and PC's, the method used to connect two Mac computers in a simple network is virtually identical to the method used to connect PCs. Creating a simple network between two Macs is easy and should only take a few minutes; there are two different methods that you can use, depending on whether you wish to have a network hub between the Macs.

Hub or Router Connection

Plug in the network hub or router that you will be using. If you will be using a router to provide Internet access to the Macs, go ahead and connect the Ethernet cable from your modem to the router.

Plug both of your Ethernet cables into the router or hub. Run the cables to the location of the two Mac computers.

Plug the Ethernet cables into the Ethernet ports on each Mac.

Boot up the Macs and activate file sharing or other network features according to how you want each computer to share and access files on the network. You can activate file sharing by selecting the "System Preferences" item from the Apple menu, then selecting "View" and "Sharing." From the "Sharing" window you can specify the folders that you want to share as well as user access restrictions.

Direct Connection

Plug the Ethernet crossover cable into the Ethernet ports on your Mac computers.

Boot up the Macs so that they can recognize the network link between them.

Open the "Sharing" menu and set up file sharing as needed.