How to Connect Two D-Link Routers

By C. Taylor

Most D-Link routers offer four data ports, so you can connect four devices to your network. If you require more ports than that, you can connect two routers together to expand your network of devices. Although you would think connecting two four-port routers would give you eight ports in total, you actually get only six, since two of the ports are used by the routers for communication with one another.

Step 1

Attach your computer directly to the second router using an Ethernet cable. Connection should be made from the Ethernet port of your computer to one of the numbered data ports of the router.

Step 2

Open your computer's Web browser and enter "" in the address bar. Press "Enter."

Step 3

Enter "admin" for the username and leave the password blank when then login window appears. This grants access to the router administrative program.

Step 4

Click "Network Settings" on the left of the "Setup" tab.

Step 5

Enter "" under "Router IP Address" in the "Router Settings" section.

Step 6

Deselect "Enable DHCP Server" in the "DHCP Server Settings" section so there is no check mark in its box.

Step 7

Click "Save Settings" at the top. You will be asked to log back in since you changed the address, but you do not have to. You are already done with the second router.

Connect an Ethernet cable from any numbered data port of the first router to any numbered data port of the second router to complete the connection between the two.