How to Connect Two Computers Over the Internet

By Faith Lawless

Connecting two computers over the Internet is fairly easy and can come in very handy. With the two computers connected, you can use one hard drive to run programs or copy and save files.

Step 1

Turn on both computers and connect both of them to the Internet.

Step 2

Make sure the two computers each have the NetBEUI and TCP/IP protocols installed correctly. Also, check the Remote Access Services on both to make sure it is set up and working correctly.

Step 3

Find the IP addresses for both computers. You can access this information by typing \"ipconfig\" at the command prompt. For this example, we will say that the first computer's IP address is

Step 4

Enable file sharing, and find a path to share on the first computer. An example would be to share \"C:\\" as \"Shared_Drive.\"

Step 5

Switch to the second computer. Open a command prompt window and type \"Net Use X: \\\Shared_Drive\" and press \"Enter.\" This will map the second computer's X drive to the first computer's C drive. This will let you use the X drive over the Internet, just as you would your own local drive.