How to Connect Multiple TVs to the Charter Cable Service

By J. Anthony Cooley

Connect multiple TVs to Charter with coaxial cable and a splitter.
i coaxial cable image by Albert Lozano from

Your cable connection is one that splits from a single line that you share with your neighbors. The connection is split up in the cable box that spouts up from your neighbors lawns. Connecting multiple TVs to your Charter cable service is a matter of splitting the signal and connecting the cable wire to the TV. Once this is done, you can enjoy watching your cable TV shows from multiple TVs in your home.

Plug the cable wire that runs from the wall into the cable splitter with the single side. The single side of the splitter is where the original cable signal must enter the splitter.

Connect two coaxial cable wires to the cable splitter, one on each end of the splitter. The cable signal is split within the splitter and released out both connections. This is the same basic concept that Charter uses to connect your neighborhood.

Connect each of the two ends to a different TV by plugging the cables into the "Antenna In" ports of the TV. The TVs are able to operate independently without displaying the same channels. Change the cable channels for each TV on each TV.