How Do I Connect the TV, Cable and Surround Sound with HDMI?

By James Clark

Enjoy the best picture and sound quality available by using HDMI cables.
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High definition media interface (HDMI) is a digital connection for audio-video components. A single HDMI cable supplies high-definition video and up to eight audio channels for surround sound. The advantage of using HDMI cables to connect your equipment is that you need only one connection to transmit the best digital signals available using current technology in the simplest manner possible. Two HDMI cables connect in seconds for connecting a cable TV, surround sound receiver and high definition television (HDTV).

Step 1

Turn off the power to all of your audio-video components.

Step 2

Insert the plug at one end of an HDMI cable into the matching jack on your cable TV box. The plug connects in one direction only, so flip it over and try again if it does not fit the jack on the first try.

Step 3

Insert the other end of the cable into any HDMI input on the back of your surround sound receiver.

Step 4

Connect the second HDMI cable to the HDMI video output labeled for a television on the back of your receiver, and plug the other end into any HDMI port on the TV.

Step 5

Turn on the power for your AV equipment.

Step 6

Press the video selector button on the TV remote control repeatedly until the video signal from the cable box displays on your television set.