How to Connect TV Cable

By Jeremiah Blanchard

With all the different choices available through modern electronic technology regarding TV's and their accessories, cable TV is the most basic service usually offered. It is easy to get lost or caught up in technical jargon associated with terms like flat screen, TruFlat, HDTV, digital cable, analog cable, Tivo and the numerous accessories offered. Basic cable television is still widely available throughout most of the United States and across the globe. Connecting coaxial cable to a TV is a very simple process compared to other more technical options offered today.

Locate the cable outlet in your home. This will be a wall socket usually near the floor with a protruding threaded connection plug, with a single hole in the middle.

Connect coaxial cable to the cable outlet. Place the cable connection onto the plug and screw it into place by turning clockwise. Ensure that the cable is tight and secure.

Connect the other end of the coaxial cable to the cable connection port on the back of your TV. This connection will look exactly like the wall connection and may be labeled as "cable in." Screw the cable in tight and secure.

Turn the television on and surf the channels to ensure that your cable connection is working appropriately.