How to Connect a Toshiba Laptop to a Vizio HDTV

By Mindi Orth

An HDMI cable provides a high-definition connection between your laptop and your TV.
i Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Whether you want to watch a movie, stream videos, play games or simply take advantage of a larger desktop view, you can connect your Toshiba laptop to your Vizio HDTV. All Vizio HDTVs feature numerous options for video input source that you can use to connect the two devices. The input source you select may vary depending on the video output ports available on your Toshiba laptop.

Step 1

Inspect your Toshiba laptop to determine the available video output ports. Most new model Toshiba laptops have an HDMI port and an S-video port you can use for video output. The HDMI connection provides the highest quality audio and video. Older Toshiba laptops may contain only an S-video port.

Step 2

Connect one end of the appropriate video cable to your Toshiba laptop, and then connect the other end of the cable to the corresponding input port on the back of your Vizio HDTV. For example, connect the cable to the HDMI port on both devices.

Step 3

Turn on your laptop, if you have not already done so, and then turn on your Vizio TV.

Step 4

Press “Input” on your Vizio remote control and select the desired video source. For example, select “HDMI 2” if you connected the laptop to the port labeled "HDMI 2" on your Vizio HDTV.

Step 5

Press the “Windows” key and the “P” key on your keyboard simultaneously. Video options appear on the screen. Select how you want to view your laptop’s desktop. Options include extending the desktop, viewing your desktop on the TV screen only and duplicating your desktop so you can see it on both your laptop monitor and your Vizio TV.