How to Connect a TomTom to a PC

By Matthew Suedkamp

Connecting your TomTom to your desktop computer is a simple way to greatly improve the functionality and performance of the device. Updating the system software gives you quicker page loads, and quicker route planning. It also allows the device to quickly sync with GPS satellites, because the updates include the predicted locations of the satellites for the upcoming calendar week. Finally, you have the option of purchasing updated maps, new voices, and the Gas Price ad on, for up to date gas prices on your route.

Software Installation

Step 1

Connect your USB cable to both the TomTom unit and your PC.

Step 2

Power the unit on.

Step 3

Open "My Computer" and double click on the "TomTom" icon.

Step 4

Double-click on the "TomTom.exe" file. This installs the TomTom Software.

Step 5

Select the "Update" icon to update your TomTom GPS.