How to Connect a Bogen Paging System to a Cisco FXO Port

By Peter Thomas

Bogen's line of telephone paging systems are add-on peripherals for telephone systems that connect to speakers installed throughout a physical location. Often known as loudspeakers or intercoms, these paging systems can be used for evacuation notices, alarm relay and ringing sounds in remote or noisy locations where a phone might be missed. Cisco's line of voice over IP PBX systems can be linked to a Bogen paging system, thereby allowing the system to be used as a regular phone extension that can be dialed by other phones on the network. Bogen paging systems use analog signals, so they must be connected to the Foreign eXchange Subscriber (FXO) port of the Cisco PBX.

Step 1

Insert one end of the RJ-45 phone cable into the "POTS-IN" port of your Bogen system.

Step 2

Insert the opposite end into the port on your Cisco PBX labeled "FXO." It will be smaller than the Ethernet ports.

Step 3

Configure the dial plan on your Cisco PBX to assign an extension for the FXO port. This process varies greatly between device models and generations, so consult your manual or network administrator for specific information.

Step 4

Dial the new extension on a phone connected to the Cisco PBX. Your call will be automatically sent to the Bogen device and broadcast on all paging system speakers.