How to Connect "Stronghold: Crusader" to Two PCs Through the Internet

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FireFly Studios' "Stronghold: Crusader" PC game builds on the original "Stronghold" game of medieval warfare. Players lay siege to enemy castles and defend their own keeps against a backdrop of The Crusades. The title supports multiplayer gaming either competitively or cooperatively against AI opponents. While the game offers several options for connecting over a network, including the third-party GameSpy Arcade option, the built-in TCP/IP connection method provides the easiest means of connecting two PCs for multiplayer matches.

Host Machine

Step 1

Start "Stronghold: Crusaders" on the host machine. The game works on a host/client model, allowing one machine to act as the connection point for any other players. For better network transmission during game play, choose the machine with the fastest network connection to be the host.

Step 2

Click the "Multiplayer" button on the main menu, and select "Internet TCP/IP" from the Service Provider menu. Leave the IP address box empty, but note the IP value listed beneath it. The other player will need this number to connect to the game.

Click "Host." Change the maps and match conditions as desired, and wait for the client to join before beginning the game.

Client Machine

Step 1

Start "Stronghold: Crusaders" and click "Multiplayer." Choose "TCP/IP" from the list.

Step 2

Enter the host machine's IP address in the first IP box. The game will only connect if the host machine has already set up the game.

Click "Join" and wait for the connection to validate. The host may begin the game when both systems have a connection.


  • Windows Firewall may block "Stronghold: Crusaders" from accessing the Internet the first time you play in multiplayer mode. Check the firewall alerts to give the game access.


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