How to Connect Speakers to a Laptop

by Ryan Bauer

Although laptops come with internal speakers, they are often not powerful enough for tasks such as playing music in a large area. These situations require external speakers. External computer speakers can be connected to any laptop that has a headphone jack. They come in a wide range of sizes and power ratings, and it takes only seconds to set them up.

Plug the power cord for the computer speakers into an electrical outlet, but don't turn them on. If the speaker system is a multi-speaker surround sound configuration, plug each of the speakers into the central unit and locate each one around the listening area for optimal sound quality.

Plug the audio connector into the headphone jack on the laptop. If the speakers have multiple audio connectors, like those found on a surround sound system, use as many splitters as required to connect all of the connectors to the single headphone jack. The individual channels of the surround sound signal will be lost, but all of the speakers will function properly.

Turn the speakers on and turn the volume as far down as it will go. Play any audio file on the laptop and slowly turn the speakers up until you reach a comfortable volume. Since external speakers are much more powerful than laptop speakers, starting with the volume low is advisable.


  • check For the best sound quality, consider purchasing an external USB sound card for your laptop.

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