How to Connect a SlingBox to Comcast

By John Smith

Connect your Slingbox to your Dish Network using composite cables.
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If you want to access your TV channels over your computer, connect a Slingbox device to your Comcast cable box. The Slingbox device uses an infrared transmitter to change the channels on your cable receiver in the same way that your remote control changes channels. The Slingbox then connects to your home internet router so you can access the Slingbox through your home network. With the Slingbox software installed on your computer, you can then watch your Comcast cable programming on your computer from any location that has Internet access.

Step 1

Plug in the audio video (A/V) cables to the "In" connection on back of your Slingbox device. You have multiple options depending on the type of connection you want to use. The red, white and yellow RCA connection offers non-HD while the green, blue and red component cable offers a higher quality video connection. The HD connect cable is the highest quality connection, but is only available on the Slingbox Pro model.

Step 2

Connect the other end of the cable to the "Output" or "Out" connection on the back of your Comcast cable box. Some connections only transfer video, such as the S-Video connection and basic composite. For these connections, you will also need to plug in a separate audio cable. For instance, plug the red and white audio composite cables to the "In" ports on the back of your Slingbox, then connect the other end to the "Out" ports on the back of your Comcast cable box.

Step 3

Peel back the adhesive strip on the infrared (IR) blaster and set the blaster down on the Comcast cable box. The IR blaster must be set above the infrared remote sensor. This is the sensor that allows your remote to change channels on your cable receiver.

Step 4

Connect the other end of the IR blaster to the IR remote jack on the back of your Slingbox.

Step 5

Plug the Ethernet cable to the "Network" port on the back of your Slingbox, then connect the other end to the back of your Internet network router. Routers have a list numbered ports on the back that are used to connect other devices. Plug into any of the numbered ports.

Step 6

Plug the power adapter in to the Slingbox and the wall outlet. Once the device powers up, it will be ready for use on any computer that has the Slingbox software installed.