How to Connect Several Devices to One TV

by Michael Batton Kaput

The television is no longer simply for watching soap operas. Nowadays, additions from DVD players to game consoles offer consumers so many options, this has created a new problem for HD television owners who want to plug several HD devices into their TVs. Because some HD televisions have just one input jack, users are forced to constantly switch cables; however, there is an easy solution.

Buy an HDMI switch. This is a piece of additional hardware for your television that splits an HD signal, allowing you to connect multiple devices through one input jack. HDMI switches come with a variety of input jacks. If you simply need to attach one additional device, buy a two-jack HDMI switch. However, if you're a tech freak and want all your HD devices on hand, buy one of the multi-jack switches.

Connect the HDMI switch to the input jack on your HD television. On most switches, there will be a cable that connects to your television's input. Run this cable to your television and connect it.

Connect additional HD devices to the HDMI switch. The final configuration will see a single wire going from the HDMI switch to the television and multiple devices connected to the HDMI switch.

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