How to Connect a Scala Rider to an iPhone

by Matt McGew
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The Scala Rider is a BlueTooth headset that you attach to your motorcycle helmet so you can make and receive telephone calls while you are riding. The headset fits in almost all 3/4 motorcycle helmets and is fully weather protected. The Scala Rider is fully compatible with the iPhone. The first time you use the headset with your iPhone you will need to pair or connect the devices. After completing the initial pairing process, the devices will automatically connect in the future.

Step 1

Tap the "Settings" icon on your iPhone and then select the "General" option. Tap "BlueTooth" and then switch the BlueTooth to the "ON" position.

Step 2

Power off the Scala Rider. Press and hold the "Ctrl" button until red and blue lights flash rapidly on the device.

Step 3

Select the "Scala Rider" device on your iPhone.

Type the passcode "0000" when prompted by your iPhone. Your iPhone will prompt you when it has successfully connected to the Scala Rider headset.


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