How to Connect Satellite TV to a Computer (6 Steps)

By Darby Stevenson

In the past, satellite dishes were more than several feet wide and often had to be mounted on concrete footings to stay secure. Today, most homeowners can mount satellite dishes on the roof themselves. It is also relatively simple to view satellite content on a computer. Some satellite receivers are designed to be plugged directly into a computer through the USB cable. For those that are not, a small piece of hardware is necessary.

Plug the Reciever Directly Into the Computer

Step 1

Check to see if your satellite receiver comes with a USB connector cable.

Step 2

Plug the USB cable into your computer and insert the CD provided with your satellite receiver.

Install the software included on the disk to view satellite channels on the computer.

Use a Hardware Adapter

Step 1

Use a USB TV Tuner. One end will accept satellite signals from the receiver, the other will plug directly into the USB port on the computer.

Step 2

Install the software that came with the tuner.

Use another TV cable if you do not have an extra. Plug one end of the cable into the receiver, plug the USB end into the computer.