How to Connect a Satellite Receiver to a VCR

By Michael Butler

If you have satellite television, you can connect the satellite receiver to a VCR to record movies and TV shows. If you do not connect the devices properly, shows will not record or you might not see the shows on your TV screen. To properly connect both devices to your TV, you need to connect them so that the VCR is between the satellite receiver and the TV.

Look at the back of the satellite receiver, VCR and TV to determine what type of cables you can use to connect them. Most VCRs have audio/video cable ports and coaxial cable ports. Satellite receivers and TVs also have these connection options. Some newer VCRs might have HDMI or HD component connection options. Choose what connections you want to use and get the appropriate cables.

Connect the "Output" ports on the satellite receiver to the "Input" ports on the VCR using the appropriate cables.

Connect the "Output" ports on the VCR to the "Input" ports on the TV using the appropriate cables.