How to Connect Satellite Radio to a Car With No AUX

By Stephen Lilley

A car stereo.
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The standard way to listen to satellite radio in your car is to connect the satellite radio receiver to your car stereo's auxiliary port. This connects the receiver directly to your radio and provides crystal clear audio. This is great for newer cars with newer stereos, but it is impossible if your stereo doesn't have an auxiliary port. For those with older models, it is important to know that they are still able to access satellite radio in their car.

Buy an FM transmitter. This is a device that takes the audio from something like an iPod or satellite radio and transmits it over short distances, enabling the signal to be picked up and played by the stereo in a car. Certain satellite radio companies will produce their own brand-name FM transmitters, though any unit found in any major electronics retailer will do. Certain brands of satellite radio receivers (like models produced by SiriusXM) will have an FM transmitter built in.

Plug your FM transmitter into your satellite radio receiver. The cord on the end of the transmitter will plug directly into the satellite radio receiver's auxiliary port. Some models may be powered by batteries, while others will require you to plug them into your car's cigarette lighter.

Tune your car stereo's FM radio to a station that is free from broadcasts. Search around the dial until you find a station that is completely clear of music and is filled with static.

Tune your FM transmitter to the same radio station currently programmed into your car stereo.

Press "start" on your satellite radio receiver. The signal being picked up by the receiver will be transferred to the FM transmitter, which will in turn be transmitted to the radio station that your car's stereo is tuned to. This will play the satellite radio over your car's speaker system.