How to Connect an IR Remote Extender to a DirecTV Remote

by Quinten Plummer

Extend the range of your Direct TV remote control with a simple infrared (IR) remote control extender. An IR remote extender set (transmitter and receiver) repeats the infrared signal generated by your Direct TV remote control--effectively increasing the range of the remote control. And the plug-and-play nature of IR remote control extender sets means that there are no time-consuming connections to establish or synchronization procedures to worry about.


Place the receiver near your Direct TV receiver, keeping the receiver within its specified range limit. Point the front of the receiver towards the front of your Direct TV receiver.


Plug the tip of the receiver's AC adapter into the AC power port on the back of the receiver, and then plug the transformer end of the cable into a power outlet. Raise the receiver's antenna.


Place the transmitter within its prescribed range of the receiving unit, connect the AC power supply, and raise its antenna.


Point your remote control at the transmitter to change your channels--as opposed to aiming at the front of your receiver.


Use your IR remote control extender set for other out-of-range devices, like DVD players and stereos.

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