How to Connect an IR Remote Extender to Direct TV

by James Clark
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An IR (infra-red) remote extender is essentially an amplifier for boosting the radio signal that allows electronic components to be operated by remote control. The extender consists of a transmitter that sits near the component, such as a DirecTV satellite receiver, and a remote receiver. The remote receiver can be placed in another room with a second TV so the user can change channels on the DirecTV receiver in a different room, even through walls.

Step 1

Place the IR remote extender transmitter so it faces the electronic eye for the remote control on the front of the DirecTV receiver. The eye is a small, translucent black square.

Step 2

Plug the DC power cord into the transmitter, and connect the other end to a wall outlet. Raise the attached antenna.

Step 3

Set the receiver in another location within reception distance of the transmitter (typically about 100 feet).

Step 4

Attach the power cord to the receiver and a wall outlet.

Point the remote control at the IR remote extender receiver to adjust settings on the DirecTV receiver. No coding or programming is necessary.


  • Use the remote control within clear sight of the receiver for reliable operation.


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