How to Connect a Printer to a D-Link Router

By Bennett Gavrish

You can set up wireless printing with a D-Link router.
i wlan router 04 image by pmphoto from

Several models of D-Link wireless routers include a USB port, which allows you to share devices, such as printers over your wireless network. After you connect a USB printer to your D-Link router, PC and Mac users on the network will be able to install the printer and send files to it. For wireless printer sharing to work, the router and printer must always remain powered on.

Plug the D-Link router's power supply into a standard electrical outlet to turn the router on and create a wireless network.

Connect your printer to the USB port on the back of the D-Link router using a standard USB cable.

Turn on the USB printer.

Go to any PC computer connected to the local wireless network, open the Start menu and click on "Printers and Faxes."

Click on the "Add a printer" option on the left side of the window and then hit "Next."

Select the "Network printer" option and hit "Next" again.

Choose to browse for network printers. Windows will now scan for nearby printers and display a list of found devices.

Highlight the printer with "DLINK" in the name and click "Next."

Press "Yes" to confirm your decision to install the network printer.