How to Connect a Panasonic Lumix to a PC

By James Clark

Transfer images from the Lumix to a PC with an HDMI cable.
i pc monitor image by Jorge Casais from

The Panasonic Lumix is a digital high-definition camera with an HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) port for hooking up to a PC for downloading videos and still images. The Lumix uses an HDMI cable with a mini-plug on one end and a standard-size HDMI cable for the PC connection. Each six-sided plug contains 19 pins that fit within their respective ports to transmit video and audio data from the camera to the computer.

Press the power button on the top edge of the camera to turn off the Lumix.

Remove the protective rubber cover from the edge of the Lumix with a fingernail to uncover the small HDMI port underneath.

Insert the smaller plug on the HDMI cable into the port on the side of the Lumix.

Connect the plug on the other end of the cable to the port on the PC. The shorter edge of the plug should be turned downward to insert into the PC.