How to Connect More Than One Phone to a Magic Jack

by Greyson Ferguson
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MagicJack is an Internet based telephone service that connects directly into a USB port on a computer system. On the MagicJack device there is a single telephone line connection, initially allowing you to plug in one telephone. However, it is possible to connect two different phones into the MagicJack, as long as you have the correct adapter.

Step 1

Connect the MagicJack device into one of the USB ports on the computer system.

Step 2

Insert the male end of the telephone splitter cable into the telephone jack on the end of the MagicJack device. The opposite end of the telephone splitter cable has two female ends.

Step 3

Connect a telephone cable into each one of the free female ends on the splitter cable.

Plug each of the opposite ends of the telephone cables into the "In" port on the side of the telephone.


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