How to Connect My Netgear

by Nathan McGinty

A router connects your broadband modem to the devices in your house, allowing them access to outside networks. It can also serve as a firewall, protecting your computers from malicious software, malware and viruses. Netgear makes a variety of routers with features designed for both home and office use. In order to connect your Netgear, you must first configure a few simple settings.


Power down your broadband modem and unplug it from the wall. Connect an Ethernet cable from the port on the modem to the Ethernet socket on the back of the Netgear. This port is labeled "Internet" and is usually green on most Netgear models. Plug in the AC adapter for the Netgear.


Turn on your broadband modem. Allow it to connect to your service provider. This is indicated by the status lights on the front of the machine. The "Sync" light means that the modem is communicating with your broadband provider. When the "Ready" light turns a solid green, that means that your broadband connection is powered on and ready.


Turn on the Netgear router. Allow this to connect to the broadband modem.These devices also have status indicators on the front of the device. When it is ready, you will see a steady light under the "Internet" indicator (depending on the model).


Connect to the Netgear by opening up a Web browser and navigating to the IP address This is the default network address for Netgear routers. On some models, you might also be able to use the URL


Login with the default admin name and password for the router. The default password on Netgear routers is "admin" and the password is "password" (no quotes on either). You can also find these on a sticker attached to the router or in the user's manual.


Follow the setup prompts. Netgear routers come with a Setup Wizard program that will step you through your router configuration. Click the "Yes" button when the router asks you if you want it to check for your internet connection type. Follow the prompts to finish configuring your router with the Setup Wizard.


Configure the router for wireless devices. In the Main Menu of the Netgear setup screen, click the "Wireless Settings" option. Here you can change the SSID (network name) of the router to your liking. The default setting for this is "NETGEAR." You can also set a wireless password or have the router generate one for you.


Connect wireless devices to the Netgear by entering the router name and password.


  • check If the Netgear doesn't connect to your modem, turn it off, wait a minute and then turn it back on.

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