How to Connect Netflix Directly to My TV & No Computer

by J.M. Chanel

Netflix began as a DVD-by-mail rental service, but it has since began offering streaming video-on-demand to members through the Watch Instantly section on its website. However, you may want to watch titles from Netflix's Watch Instantly on your TV without having to connect your computer. Fortunately, many Netflix-ready devices are available that can stream Watch Instantly video directly to your TV, without having to use your computer. These include video game consoles, Blu-ray players, Roku digital video players and many other devices.

Video Game Consoles (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii)

Turn on your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or Wii game console. Make sure it is connected to the Internet.

Open the application downloading program on your game console by using your game controller. PlayStation 3 users will run "PlayStation Network." Xbox 360 users will have to access the Xbox Marketplace and have a paid Xbox Live account to run Netflix on their console. Users of the Wii will need to open the "Wii Shop Channel" on their console.

Search the applications available for your game console for "Netflix."

Download the Netflix application for your game console.

Open the Netflix application on your game console. Log in to your Netflix account and you will be able to browse the Watch Instantly library and play any title directly on your TV.

Blu-ray Players

Verify that your Blu-ray player is Netflix ready. A list is available at netflix.com/NetflixReadyDevices.

Turn on your Blu-ray player. Make sure it is connected to the Internet.

Open the pre-installed Netflix application on your Blu-ray player.

Log in to your paid Netflix account.

Browse the titles available for Netflix Watch Instantly. Select a title to begin playing it on your TV.

Roku Player

Connect the Roku Player to your TV. Plug it into an available power outlet.

Connect the Roku Player to the Internet. You can connect through an Ethernet cable or to a wireless Wi-Fi router.

Turn on the Roku Player. Open the Netflix application on the player using the remote.

Log in to your Netflix account. Depending on the model of Roku Player, you may have to log in to your Netflix account on a computer to "activate" the device.

Browse the selection of movies and TV shows available on Netflix Watch Instantly. Select a title you want to watch. It will begin playing on your TV.


  • Other Netflix ready devices include some models of HDTV, TiVo digital video recorders, home theater systems and Apple portable devices, such as the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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